Teaching And Promotion Of Staff

#"I never say, I need you to do it.
I'm saying, I'm wondering if you can do it."

Henry Ford,
American Industry and Businessmen

The motivation and promotion of labour as a separate scientific activity in management began in the early 1960s through the integration of several scientific schools of government.

V.Vrum, whose famous work of Truda and motivation (1954) has begun to integrate into the entire range of dispersed scientific developments, as well as L. Porter and E. Louler, who have co-learned the work of the Management Plans and their implementation (1968).

#The promotion and encouragement of work is one of the main tasks of the head of any organization, which can improve the efficiency and productivity of the labour force, and implement a consistent policy of improving the system of material and moral stimulus to work, as well as preventing the deviating behaviour of staff.

Solomandin T. O. Jobs motivation: graduates/T.O. Solomanidin, V.G. Solomanidin. - 2nd, reservoir and dope. - M.: UNITI-DANA, 2009. - 312 s.

Current staff motivation issues are being addressed, motivational impact mechanisms, motivational staff management approaches, company pay optimization issues are discussed.

For students, postgraduate students, magistrates and MBA, staff management, organizational behaviour and staff engineering, and staff managers and managers.

Noskova O.G. Psychology of Labour: Academics/O.G. Noskov; Edition E. A.# - 5th, stereotype. - M. Academy, 2009. - 384 s.

The manual covers the following issues of occupational psychology: psychological training, vocational training, vocational training, profiling, human development as a subject of work, individuality in work, psychology of work, labour motivation, group labour force, etc. The history of domestic and foreign applied labour psychology is summarized. Particular attention is paid to occupational accidents and injuries, the social and labour adaptation of patients and persons with disabilities. For students of higher education in the field and professions of psychology. Psychologists, teachers in vocational training institutions, economic and management specialists and social workers may be useful.

Lings A. M. Labour motivation: monograph / A.M. Slinkow. - Bratsk: BrG, 2010. - 171 s.

# # # #

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