Modification And Promotion Of Staff

Теоретико-методические аспекты совершенствования стимулирования труда персоналаMonographs have revealed the problem of the establishment of an organizational and economic mechanism for the promotion of workers ' labour (in the example of metal manufacturing enterprises). The increased understanding of the subject matter of the study enriches the substantive and structural work. The development of methodological aspects of the promotion of staff employment is an important contribution of the authors to the development of scientific submissions.

A wide range of institutional and economic relations emerging from the stimulus process has been explored workers in metal manufacturing. On the basis of an analysis of domestic and foreign studies on this issue, the author sets out the theoretical and methodological basis for stimulating workers, organizing incentive payments and ensuring their interrelationship with the qualifications of staff and the impact of production, and examines the motivational function of wages.
The materials of the publication can be used as part of the training process in the courses " Management " , " Labour promotion " , " Strategy " .

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