Modification Of Modern Organization Staff

The course is intended for specialists in the areas of human resources work. Special target audiences are business managers with any organizational and legal form, business managers with staff, staff managers, staff managers, staff heads of staff. The course will also be useful to those who have knowledge of the programme, but want to systematize them, as well as to increase their efficiency with new techniques and working methods.

Category of trainees: persons with higher or secondary vocational education and a tendency to work with human resources.


The aim of the training is to acquire the following competencies:

  • Introduction of the basic concepts of the company ' s staff motivation system;
  • Examine basic theoretical concepts and approaches to studying staff motivation;
  • study of the organization and structure of the system staff motivation management in the organization;
  • Introduction to industry and additional domestic specification of motivational policies in modern companies;
  • Study of diagnostic methods and the mechanism for generating staff motivation in the organization;
  • Applying tools to build a material component (permanent and variable wages) to build an effective job incentive system in accordance with the characteristics of the enterprise and its corporate culture.

Upon completion of the training, students should have a presentation:

  • The role of the staff motivation policy in a modern organization and its impact on the competitive positions of a particular company;
  • on the evolution of scientific views of motivational management;
  • Management of the motivation of employees of the company.

At the end of the training, students should know:

  • the basis for the management of staff conduct (theories of personal behaviour in the organization; the theoretical basis, content and methods of the management of motivation and incentives for work. ♪ ♪

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