Modification Of Medical Personnel

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Mode 1. Build a sense of peace in the collective and sufficient

One medical clinic provides supplementary motivation to medical personnel for petrol, cellular communication, treatment and cosmetics. Regularly offers assistance in the payment of consumer loans or study at the expense of a company in Russia and abroad. Clinical staff receive gifts (hours and jewellery) for good work, and the year after which the best worker is exaggerated by travel abroad. Other members of the clinic (mainly middle medical staff) receive gifts and flowers on their birthday, tickets to the theatre.

The company organizes corporate ceremonies, mushroom trips, bowling clubs or a joint restaurant dinner. The goal of the leadership is to unite everyone into a family that lives in peace and wealth. It is important to organize staff members to work comfortably: the clinic pays for work clothes and shoes, the Italian coffee machine is located in the resident, can drink and tea, and drinks and sweets are also at the expense of the clinic. Of course, it's not enough for nurses to work in good faith. They therefore have a good salary, and after four years of work, the company increases their salary by 10 per cent.

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