Modification Of Restaurant Staff

Alexei Pleshnikov, expert of Retail Training Group, Moscow

♪ Young man wants to be a pilot because he doesn't represent his life without sky. The girl becomes a teacher because she loves kids. A man wants to be athlete because he loves his sport, and a surgeon because he gets the pleasure of helping people. People come to work at a store, a coffee shop or a restaurant because... they need a job outside the house. The fact remains that when a normal person comes to work in the dispensary or sleep, they are most often driven by one of three reasons:

♪ He needs to work with a floating schedule;

Алексей Пляшешников♪ He needs work outside the house;

♪ He has no more respectable profession.

In most cases, candidates don't come to work because they like to meet service standards and raise the average check. That's probably the main thrust, because you're waiting for enthusiasm and activity in this direction. There's no secret that it's impossible to force a staff member to smile and be happy to visit. Yes, the standards of service and follow-up provide an opportunity to organize staff actions in the right direction.

However, in no standard will we be able to describe a parameter of sincere desire to help the buyer solve his problem. Thus, as a matter of turn, the manager will have to reflect on how staff will seek quality services.

The tragic illusion of restaurant managers is that the quality of staff work can be bought for money. In order for staff to pay attention to buyers, there are always two to three thousand roubles to pay. Nothing happened! For money, you can only acquire the staff member's presence at work. The quality of the staff member ' s work depends on you, not on his salary. And let us not transfer responsibility to senior management, which does not pay staff enough to smile at buyers.

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