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фуфлыгина.jpgCoca-Cola Hellenic is a full-cycle company, so the employees are required at all times, both for production and for beck-ofis. To date, 2,300 people are working in the Moscow region. There are 3 plants that serve 10 RF entities. In Russia, 13,000 employees.

Veronica Fuflagina, Chief of Staff Selection Team, Coca-Cola Hellenic in Moscow Region

IMG_3131Specificity of recruitment in the Moscow region

For ease of selection, all divisions are conditionally divided into several clusters: production and logistics, commercial function and support function.

The standard staff selection process includes the following steps:

♪ Searching candidates using various resources

♪ Telephone interview

- HR personal meeting with candidate

♪ Meeting of final candidates with hiring manager


The selection of productive personnel has features that need to be taken into account when deploying vacancies on various resources. In the selection of this category of staff, Coca-Cola Hellenic mainly uses the print media, which enables the largest number of applicants to be involved in the positions of change operators and other jobs.

This category of applicants often lacks a summary, so all interviewees complete the questionnaire. The candidate is then interviewed by the staff selection officer and the hiring manager (mostly the change manager).

The candidate is then sent directly to the production to understand the specificity of the work and to see the factory from the inside. This phase is given maximum time. The future worker is given the opportunity to ask all the questions he is interested in.

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