Modification Of Staff Performance

УЧР: Мотивация, оценка и

Modern Economy, N 4 (28), 2008

Assistant to the Department of Management and Planning of Socio-Economic Processes of the St. Petersburg State UniversityThe article deals with the identification of methods and quality indicators staff of organizations services. Analysing the applicability of these methods to different service industries, changing approaches to staff performance evaluation, recommending the application of these methodsKey words: quality of work of staff, services
The quality of the services and services provided by Russian firms continues to be a major challenge to the economic and social development of Russia. This is a significant deterrent, given the role of services and their specific weight in the economies of major countries. Furthermore, satisfaction, customer loyalty is the most competitive advantage of any company, especially in the service sector.
A well-designed motivation system should be the basis for improving the quality of service delivery in the enterprise. The evaluation of the quality of staff work is not only a tool for carrying out the monitoring function, but also a basis for the development of such a motivational system, the allocation of incentives. In addition, evaluation itself is an essential motivator for improving the quality of services.
Services are extremely diverse. Public and private, commercial and non-profit services are available. Services groups such as production (injing, leasing, repair of equipment), distribution (trade, transport, communications), professional (banking, insurance, counselling, etc.), social (television, culture), consumer mass (pre-travel, household). Sectors of services are subdivided into the logistics and industry sectors, which are aimed at meeting the sociocultural, intellectual and spiritual needs of the individual.
The diversity of services defines the different sectors and areas of activity as requiring staff, their professional and personal qualities. This determines the need to use different methods of service quality assessment. The methods and performance indicators provided in the article apply to most private sector enterprises. ♪ ♪

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