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Uh. Shane Organizing Culture and Leadership

The book is a systemic description of the organizational culture in a changing world and the leader ' s place in the creation and management of culture. It proposes an organizational culture concept, outlines its structure, assesses the role in the organization ' s successes and failures, and provides methodologies for the building, implementation and development of culture.
The feature of the book is the practical focus and in-depth development of methods of analysis, decoding and changes in organizational culture.

Pavel Bormotov, The teacher of the Russian School of Administration and the expert on organizational development believe that the book should be read by anyone interested in the creation of a corporate culture:
" For me, as an organizational development consultant and a business processor and business architect, this book is one of the most important. It reveals the potential for business architecture, corporate cultures. In fact, depending on the organization ' s objectives, a type of organizational culture can be created. "

Манн - СогласованоM. Batyrev, I. Mann and A. Turusin " Agreed! "

First book on how to resolve conflicts between sales and marketing. From the book, you will find out what conflicts are, how they can be pushed through organizational measures, how to improve the functional utility of both units and make their work transparent and open, and how much each of the proposed measures will cost.

The book presents specific, realistic tools that can be easily applied.

Elena Shevchuk, Lecturer at the Russian School of Administration, commercial real estate expert, I am sure that this book will be of interest to professionals working in a variety of industries, including commercial real estate:

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