Methods Of Motivation Of Staff

Take a home pet, have lunch with the company's CEO, get a half-year creativity vacation? These are all non-existent desires that are attainable through the development of non-standard staff motivation methods. The generally accepted methods of encouraging effective staff were not always effective, and employers had to invent new ways to reward successful staff. In this article, we will consider the most original. Methods of staff motivation

Company hero

Perhaps the most common method of motivation is public acceptance. Many companies still have a tradition of placing photographs of the best employees on the board of honor or giving names. The staff member 's success at a public event, print an article in a corporate paper, or make a staff member an advertiser. Public promotion is a good motivation, because recognition is one of the basic human needs.

Management 's desire to retain the best staff and to motivate newcomers so great that many companies have begun to develop programmes to promote the “veterans” of the organization. The motivation system created for those directly affected by the business may be very effective. The company ' s heroes do not simply receive a long-term remuneration from the company, leaving for a visiting corporation or even receiving a lifelong fellowship. Most importantly, they become a role model, motivating the rest of the staff to seek professional achievements. Оригинальные методы мотивации персонала

Dinner with the director.

One way of public recognition of the employee is to encourage the company 's first person personally. In many organizations, there is a practice where the director personally rewards a distinguished worker for merit. Other companies go further. For example, the head of the Sberbank of Russia, Herman Gref, has been inviting the best employees to lunch every month. Of course, public acceptance is a great motivation, but recognition of the staff member 's achievements on the first person of the company makes motivation stronger.

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