Competence Of Motivation Of Staff

Шакун Юрий Александрович" All economic transactions can ultimately be reduced to three words: people, product, profits. The first place is people. If you don't have a reliable team, there's not enough of the other factors to do.” It was said a few decades ago by the famous American manager, Li Yacock.

Companies ' personnel are indeed the key to the development of any enterprise and depend on it - whether resources will be properly prepared to carry out the tasks, to the extent that the tasks themselves will be carried out. Many slogans are still remembered. The question of competent staff for any method of producing a public product is relevant.
What a competence. Definition from the Economic and Legal Slovak. “Competentia (Latin kompetentia, legal affiliation) is a body or official, defined by the Constitution, laws, statutes, regulations, instructions.”
In other words, staff should be able to do their jobs.

It is natural to conclude that there should be a starting point to describe all the competencies of all employees in the company. Systematic analysis allows us to consider this point from different perspectives - economic, technological, human resources. In this case, we'll try to stand up.
The location of the application of this starting point is the most appropriate to select the medium-term changes to be made in the company. More specifically, the purpose of these changes is to bring companies eventually. This change in the medium term for the company is allowed to develop additional market space.

This is done (partially) or new staff (extensive method) or productivity gains (intensive method). In any case, the parameters of the new/newed staff shall be applied. These personnel perform clear functions in this task. Here (generally and incomplete): planning and forecasting of the Territory ' s coverage; organizing the process; implementing plans; assessing the outcome and its comparison with plans; conclusions - what has been done and why has not been achieved. In order to carry out these functions (almost Fail - planning, organization, motivation, control), staff members must have a number of knowledge, skills and skills that can be described as competencies.

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