Types And Methods Of Motivation Of Staff

From this publication, you will learn about various traditional and modern methods of staff selection. Brainteaser-interview, graphology and other non-conventional methods of staff selection, as well as forms and sources of external selection, are described in our article.

The article addresses topics:

  • Selection forms;
  • Classical (core) staff selection methods;
  • What selection methods are preferred;
  • Effective methods of staff selection;
  • Unconventional methods for selecting staff in the organization.

The use of human resources already available to the organization and new ones involves the delegation of new powers, the promotion of career staircases and the training of new activities. For the company, this is a good way of not spending a lot of money and time. In addition, this approach contributes to increasing the motivation of all workers in the organization.

What methods and forms of staff selection exist

Figures describing the company 's need for new staff are not randomly developed. For definition Методы отбора персонала: от собеседования к графологии и brainteasing The staffing requirements of the Personnel Division should be guided by the strategic plans of the organization and respond to queries from entities.

Prior to recruitment, all potential candidates for certain posts are carefully selected. Two main phases of staff selection can be identified:

  • Primary drops (study of the summary, remote interview (telephone negotiations with the candidate), study of the applicant questionnaire);
  • Secondary crops ( interview, psychological and professional tests).

Classical (core) staff selection methods

From a practical point of view, the most important characteristic of any method of selection is its ability to predict the success of the training and further activities of the staff. Applying several relevant and effective methods, the employer has the opportunity to select the most suitable candidates, which will lead to future developments efficiency the work of the entire working group and the reduction of costs.

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