Economic Methods Of Motivation Of Staff

Экономические методы управления персоналомContents of the article

Governance is a complex and dynamic process. Its aim is to achieve the competitiveness of the services produced by the products. Traditionally, the division into administrative, socio-psychological and economic methods of staff management is used. Although these management methods are completely different, they are applied in combination, thus achieving the greatest impact.

The degree of freedom granted to the staff member is an excellent feature of the methods. There is even a certain classification of degrees of freedom:

  1. Limited. A staff member has to carry out a certain plan, which has been drawn up by the leadership.
  2. Motive. Management should find a motive (usually beneficial to a staff member) that would encourage him to implement the plan or guidance.
  3. High degree of freedom. In this case, management must, through logical and mental influence, encourage the control to act.
  4. The administrative method (organizational or organizational management) is a method that requires staff to observe discipline and strictly follow management guidelines. Management style is generally authoritarian. Provides planning for " upstream" , inspections to monitor the implementation of management directives and, where necessary, removal of obstacles encountered by staff members in the implementation of these guidelines.Методы и технологии управления персоналом This form is most common to public institutions.
  5. Socio-psychological methods of management include the perception of each staff member as an individual who needs an approach. Mutual understanding with management is an important component of company success. This method of management in private enterprises is most common. The decision-makers are based on their own experience. Moral incentives, psychotechnologies, questionnaires, staff testing and monitoring are applied.
  6. Economic methods Personnel management - these are the methods underlying the economic impact on staff. The financial side of the question is the main point. The basic principles of the economic method are systemicity and integrated. Based on all management tools, this method is based on the following factors:

What are the classic management methods?

  • Funding,
  • profit,
  • loans,
  • profitability,
  • finance,
  • wages.
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