Effective Motivation Of Staff At Minimum Costs

M.: 2006. - 224 s.

The modern manager understands that additional conditions must be created to stimulate and sustain staff members ' activity and their vital interest in the work, in addition to the workplace. The book is a simple, understandable and effective guide to staff motivation. These include specific examples, tasks, questionnaires, tests, questionnaires, advice and recommendations that can be used to develop and maintain a staff motivation system in the company.

The book is intended for senior and middle management and human resources specialists. It will be useful to business trainers, staff management consultants, students specializing in this field and aspirants.

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From the author
Chapter 1. What do we know about motivation?
Difficulties in developing a staff motivation system
Staff motivations
Modalities (concepts) of motivation and use to encourage staff
Remuneration model (or positive reinforcement)
Needs hierarchy concept
Trifactory Needs Model
Two-factor motivation model
Theory of expectations
Concept of justice
Integrated motivation theory
Setting targets and achieving results as a motivating factor
Chapter 2. Corporate motivators
Company manager ' s motivation
Company development dynamics and staff motivation
Corporate culture as motivation
corporate culture in the company
Staff motivation work starting with the recruitment phase
Modifying recruitment
Interrogation or negotiation?
Sales to the company. Truth as an effective motivator
Clarification of applicants
Identification of applicants at reception stage
Change of staff during adaptation
Dismissal and motivation of company staff
Dismissal interviews
Psychological support for dismissal
Psychological escort of employee retirement
Staff members on separation

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