Methods Of Motivation For Staff Adaptation

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  • What is mentoring?
  • Organization of mentoring and mentoring periods
  • Who should be a mentor.
  • What functions are assigned to the mentor
  • Should the mentor pay additional remuneration

Mentoring in classical understanding is seen as a way of transferring skills and knowledge to a newcomer from a more experienced company employee. In general, it is a qualified professional who has been working for the company for a long time and can introduce a new staff member. Thus, mentoring may include:

  • The mentor can make the adaptation process more comfortable for the newcomer in the community;
  • Promotion of career development and professional development;
  • The mentor also participates in the evaluation of new staff during the probationary period.

The role of mentoring fast-growing organizations is particularly evident. It should be noted, however, that mentoring is not the case in each company, even though it is free of charge. This concept is usually associated with the adaptation of new staff in the collective during the first three months of operation. However, the tool is not very active in the further development of the worker to help his or her potential to be fully realized.

For whom mentoring is beneficial to the organization

The mentor, as a result of mentoring activities, a specialist mentor has the opportunity to develop managerial skills by participating in the formation of a professional team, improving his status in the company, gaining the confidence of colleagues;

A staff member is provided with timely assistance during the integration phase, career support and professional development;

The company, a mentoring organization, will help stabilize the team, reduce staff turnover and form a qualified team of loyalists who will remain long.

Service Personnel management will receive a strong support resource.

The mentor is primarily necessary for: newcomers who have come to a coherent team of the organization; staff with significant professional development potential; and staff with low productivity.

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