Methods Of Motivation Of Staff By Example

The author proposes an approach in which the staff of the organization are treated as an internal consumer. The motivation of the staff therefore assumes another importance: the process of meeting the needs of the internal consumer on the basis of the Organization 's benefits. It also follows that any requirements of international standards are fair to the internal consumers of the organization.

Key words: General quality management, consumer, motivation.

Consumer orientation is the first principle of universal quality management. This means that the organization, in carrying out its activities, should not only understand the current needs of clients, meet their demands, but also try to surpass their expectations, foresee future consumer wishes. Quality management is focused on the production of goods and services, the quality of which is primarily determined by company customers.

Quality management is a relatively young science that emerged about a hundred years ago. During this time, it has been able to travel from a product compliance control tool to a method aimed at continuously improving the quality of all organizational processes, as quality is not stored at some stage of product production, it is formed from the beginning of its life cycle. If consumer satisfaction was a priority for quality management, it was necessary to clarify who the results of the organization should be attributed to consumers.

"Rector is a person (or organization) using products to meet needs. Consumers are generally internal and external to the organization " [1, p. 9].

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