Methods Of Study Of Staff Motivation

In order to manage staff motivation effectively, it must be periodically assessed and investigated. This article examines the methods of study of motivation, their benefits and shortcomings.

From the material, you will find out:

  • What methods exist for researching staff motivation;
  • How to use surveys, questionnaires, diagnostic interviews and design methods in staff motivation studies.

What methods exist for researching staff motivation

From a multiplicity, we will consider the most applicable Methods of staff motivation study♪ These include tools offered by HR specialists to analyse sustainable personal attributes or " common motives."

Surveys, (inquired) - they assess staff satisfaction. The positive features of this method are that the survey procedure takes little time, the surveys do not require much financial cost. This method identifies critical staff needs.

Методы исследования мотивации персонала в 2016 году Don't forget the negative side of the polls. The information received from respondents may be distorted, both consciously and unintended. There is a high probability of errors in the design and implementation of this procedure. The survey is desirable in conjunction with other methods of obtaining information.

Diagnostic interview. This method is particularly useful in determining demotivating personnel. But it requires considerable time and effort, expert involvement. Helps assess the level of motivation of managers. It is possible, on the basis of the opinion of the heads of the divisions and services, to obtain a summary of the situation within the units, to assess the general state of motivation of the employees.

Despite the obvious availability of this method, it is also lacking: not all the motives are conscious because a well-developed reflexion is needed to understand the complexity and depth of the motivational entities. Often, many interviewees answer questions about this interview. Reason is the desire to show the best sides, in accordance with the perceived social " Norms" and "Etalons." However, the method of interviewing staff motivations allows a large amount of information to be quickly obtained in a mass manner, to learn from the perception of the worker of the environment through the knowledge and declaration of his actions and actions.

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