Methods And Methods Of Staff Motivation

Стимулирование и мотивация персонала, и методы стимулированияIn today ' s world, the " lion " share of the success of any undertaking depends on the degree of responsibility of the enterprise ' s employees, their diligence and involvement in the company. Stimulation and motivation of staff play an important role. Of course, almost complete self-reliance could only be achieved by raising wages, but it would not be cost-effective and would not give rise to the enterprise ' s " uniqueness " .
In order for a staff member to work with greater efficiency, it is necessary that he consider his " second home " or, as stated, " married to work " . Such workers fully deserve periodic increases in wages. However, practically the same result can be achieved in other ways that do not require financial " injections " . I suggest your attention.

10 free stimulus and motivation of staff:

  • Public confession. Old as a world, a way. Report on the achievements of your subordinates at the general assembly, post information on your own bulletin board, or the wall. Do it once a week, or at least a month, and you will see how healthy competition will increase staff self-reliance.
  • Free time. Today is one of the main values of a businessman. Recognize to your staff that they are preferable to additional payment or additional termination (or even a few hours free). Or combine these two types of stimulus.
  • Getting information. Many managers do not even suspect how important it is for their staff to have information about their business activities and operations, their market ratings, their successes and failures. Let them " communicate " to the leadership, of course, is dosed, feel proud, responsible, and I am not afraid of vanity. In addition, staff members ' possession of some information could help them to provide some ideas for improving the company ' s work.
  • Reverse. Almost all the staff want to know how important it is what they do in the company. So, regularly, inform them how you think they work. Take into account the fact that it is necessary to show the staff member his misses in private, while honoring everyone.
  • Involvement in decision-making. Especially those directly concerned with their activities. Respect for staff perceptions and increased accountability for results is one of the best practices promotion and motivation of staff
  • Give me independence. Allow staff to be free to choose the goal, to perform their work.
  • Joint holidays. Let me feel to the collective that he is a “one big, friendly family”. Not only staff birthdays, but corporate dates, excellent performance, etc.
  • Flexibility. Understand understanding and willingness to meet a staff member in difficult situations.
  • Increased accountability. To improve the skills of your staff, their professionalism will only benefit you and the employee.
  • Creating interesting work. Delegate some of your powers to highly successful staff, give them the area of work in which they are particularly interested.
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