Methods For Assessing Staff Motivation

Методы оценки сотрудников

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The most effective methods of staff assessment are the methodologies used in modern companies, and what should be borne in mind when assessing staff? In this article, we will highlight the most relevant methods of evaluation of staff employed in large companies.

You'll find out from the article:

  • What are the criteria for staff assessment;
  • What business evaluation and evaluation methods exist for staff;
  • What methods are used to assess the competence and personal qualities of staff.

Staff assessment shall be made to determine the degree of preparation and consistency of the performance of the worker. The data provide a qualitative analysis of the staffing situation and greatly facilitates the decision-making process.

The methodology for assessing staff capacity in 2016 is based on three criteria:

  • Performance is an assessment of staff performance. The most objective indicator is productivity per se, but it is often not possible to calculate it because of the specificity of the job. For this reason there are specific Methods of evaluation staff members;
  • Professional behaviour - or the staff member's competence. This includes theoretical knowledge and practical skills, team and self-employment, preparedness for additional workloads, performance initiative, professional growth and development, additional skills, etc. Professional conduct should be considered not in itself, but in pursuit of the aims of the organization;
  • Personal qualities. This indicator should also be considered in terms of the strategic objectives of the company. In other words, the staff member ' s personal qualities are not self-evaluated, but their compatibility with his or her work and post.

Methods of business evaluation of staff

Staff members ' business qualities are responsibility, initiative, overall performance and prospects. The results of this staff assessment can be the basis for the development of the entire company 's human resources policy and management system as a whole.

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