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Revolutionary methodology for effective sales - 4Apa-matrix

The market is developing with its consumers and the organization with its employees. An ideal option, when both the market and the organization go along with the evolutionary steps. What if we do, the demand changes, and we sell much less than we plan? How do you find a really working method to increase sales? What about the staff? What motivation is effective today? Or does our business process need optimization? These and many other issues are becoming almost rhetorical, but literally at the end of last year, we launched a new revolutionary sales management tool. Meet 4Apa-matrix!

What is this?

4Apa-matrix or Sales Matrix 4Apa is a tool for the management of sales of services and goods, a sales methodology and sales management and commercial staff.

The matrix was used for the first time in 2015 to build a sales unit and reorganize a business process for sale to the contracting authority.

The methodology is based on the principle of flexibility and three values: openness, trust, development and the nature (char, character), acts and tors (tool, instrument).

The name of the Matrix is abbreviation from English words: ask, answer (request), analyze (analyse adapt (adaptate), plan (plan), act (action) that are acts. We'll start with them.
(see the illustrations on the website )

Acts are actions by commercial employees (sales, shops) in the planning and execution of the sales plan.

4Apa-matrix comprises 6 acts:

ASK (please): the process of prioritization, volumes, types of goods for general and ongoing planning, the determination of sales by question, and the identification of errors and difficulties of the previous planning period and the implementation process.
ANSWER(Responsive): the process of identifying staff members ' priorities, volumes, type of goods and timing for general and ongoing planning.
ANALYZE(analysis): processing of responses received and effectiveness analysis sales on the preliminary plan.
ADAPT(adapt): the process of adapting the preliminary plan and assigning tasks among staff to the set of competencies of each.

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