Methods Of Staff Modification

The methods and principles of staff management require managers of the enterprise to take an integrated approach. A numerical combination of several basic and complementary methodologies will ensure the efficient operation of the company and create an optimal staff motivation system.

From this article you will find out:

  • What methods and principles are used to build a personnel management system in an enterprise;
  • What are the basic methods and principles of staff management in the organization;
  • What modern methods of personnel management that take into account the degree of personal freedom can be used in human resources management practices.

Personnel management principles

The methods and principles of staff management of each organization can be applied in different combinations, their effectiveness will depend on several factors. The effective operation of the personnel management system and its alignment with the company 's strategic objectives require compliance by the management of the basic regulations and standards in the management of staff. The following principles underpin this governance: Методы управления персоналом

  • Planning;
  • Science;
  • democratic centralism;
  • the unity of decision-making;
  • the responsibility of the company 's principal;
  • effective identification and selection of staff;
  • The optimum relationship between unity of command and collegiality, centralization and decentralization in the company;
  • Operational, line and functional management;
  • follow-up control.

The basic principles of staff management can be complemented by important concepts of personnel management developed abroad:

  • To treat staff as a critical factor in the efficiency and competitiveness of an enterprise;
  • Economically sound investment in training and development;
  • Use of professional staff management standards;
  • Effective vertical feedback;
  • Improving the quality of work;
  • Social partnership and democracy in governance.

Methods of staff management in the organization

Traditional staff management practices include:

  • administrative (organizational and administrative);
  • Psychological;
  • economic.

These methods, combined with one another, are often complemented by specific private methods of the organization.

Administrative methods Personnel management

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