Lack Of Staff Motivation

Недостатки системы мотивации персонала

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How to increase staff interest in professional activities? What are the methodologies for creating a healthy collective atmosphere? The material will address the most common shortcomings of the staff motivation system and how to overcome them.

You'll find out from the article:

  • What are the main shortcomings staff motivation system;
  • How to identify shortcomings in staff motivation;
  • How to overcome the shortcomings of the staff motivation system.

In any, even the most cohesive and well-established community, a time may come sooner or later when staff members lose interest in their own duties or even leave the company. The reasons for such behaviour may be varied, but the most frequent result is a lack of incentives and, as a result, a loss of motivation among workers. This means that the company has not taken appropriate measures to increase the interest of employees in their professional activities.

The main weaknesses of the motivation and incentive system include:

  • Absence or insufficiency of the material incentive system;
  • Lack of clear personnel policies;
  • No promotion of staff initiative;
  • The lack of transparency and misperception of the management system, the company ' s activities in general.

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