Management Of Staff Motivation

Kolsnikov N. B. Design and application of a motivational system in the Amur oblast/Young Scientist. ой 2016. ой No11. ой C. 1833-1835.

The article presents: the development of the motivational system and its application to the Ix El Trewell aeronautical firm, taking into account a previous study of the motivational system of China and Russia. In the Ix El Trewell turfir, a staff motivation marketing study, a comparative analysis of motivation systems were carried out, and recommendations were made to improve the motivational system.

Key words: motivation, motivational system, stimulus techniques, X El Trewell.

The manager of the tourism firm has to make efforts to obtain the incentives and motivations that will yield the expected result. Some motivational methods should therefore be developed and applied, as they are individual to each enterprise.

On the basis of earlier theoretical and experimental studies of the characteristics of the motivational systems in the Delnes East Fenix (Ms. Blagovensk) and Trip of Garden Interntional Tour, Ltd. Intourist Summer garden (M. Harbin), the following conclusions were identified:

- Russian and Chinese Turfirms have their motivational characteristics, nationalities approaches to staff motivation

- National differences influence staff motivation. The speciality of staff management in Russia is the growing role of the worker ' s personality, while in China the focus is on the work.

- To motivate tourists, material and moral incentives are used.

China ' s full self-reliance is based on historical and ideological characteristics. In Russia, managers serve as team creator, search for external motivation and develop new human resources management tools

- The reason for the disruption of motivation in tourism firms, according to staff members, is the crisis.

Further study of the motivational system was carried out by the Ix El Trevel (Mr. Blagoveszk). The survey found that the previous motivational system was nominally present and that it did not actually " work " , i.e. did not affect workers ' behaviour. In order to identify key incentives for staff, a five-balanced evaluation scale (five-mach, one-min) survey was conducted [1].

The analysis showed that the primary interest of staff was related to salaries, relationships with managers and colleagues, working conditions.

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