Methods Of Motivation

Вот какие получились результаты:The motivation of staff (including IT) is a subject of many work, research and articles. For someone, a powerful incentive is a financial pillar, someone is pushing forward to improve themselves, their skills, or the desire to reach the top of the career ladder. ♪ ♪

But Dale Carnegie also wrote: " There is only one way to encourage anyone to do something... And it is to make another man want to do it. Remember, there is no other way. ♪

Maybe a lot of people won't agree, saying internal motivation isn't always the strongest. In most cases, however, it is the lever that encourages us to act.

Particular importance Internal motivation of staff IT. It is the members of the technical profession who are more likely to give up good wages if they are not interested in their work.

With a view to clarifying public opinion on motivation in general (for staff in different fields), I decided to interview not staff members but those directly targeted by motivational schemes. To that end, I conducted a facebook survey.

A total of 1.0774 responses (1 person could choose a few answers)* Response options were offered by the interviewers themselves.

The three leaders led the following incentives: Interest (28%), good team (16%), pleasure (13%). Equally important to people are factors such as Lack of control and pressure, fight and deep moral satisfaction, prospects, usefulness, self-realization and need for creativity.

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