Staff Motivations

Сергей Шамбер, HR-директор, «Альторос»For several months now, Altoros has been using an intangible motivation system based on the corporate socio-motivation platform " Pries " . We asked the HR director of Altoros, Sergei Shamber, about the successes, the councils, the robbers and the chips.

♪ How did you come to the idea of using Pries? What's up?

Sergei Shamber, HR Director, Altoros

2_days_smallSergei: For the past four years, we have regularly chosen the best staff: managers voted for the nominees that line managers put forward. But with the company ' s growth, this approach has been exhausted, and we have decided to find alternatives that would enable the largest possible number of staff to participate in the evaluation and to carry out this evaluation continuously, in the context of daily work.

That's where we're interested in a popular direction like heimation. We have seen both Western and Russian-speaking solutions, and in the end we have focused on the Pries, a socio-motivation platform that has not only resolved the selection and award of best staff, but has also helped close a few more " pilots " in our internal communications.

♪ Like what?

Виртуальный персонаж по имени БурундукSergei: First, feedback. We are confident that the feedback from colleagues, managers and staff members should be MULTI. At the same time, praise is often perceived as something secondary, non-binding, and sometimes we're just embarrassed to thank. The pearls in this regard are an excellent tool for expressing appreciation, not an alternative to the usual oral “thanks”, but an additional opportunity to express gratitude and feedback. It's just surprising how many positives, receptiveness and gratitude have been thrown at the Pries on the first day of the launch. Altorosovians were just waiting for an opportunity to thank each other.

Second, a place for virtual communication. We've changed a lot of tools, looking for something that's not only easy to bring to colleagues the news, the idea, the offer, but also to discuss them in a convenient interface. Official mailing, corporate forum, internal blog and even Facebook, Connect and Google+ do not fully meet the targets. There is an opportunity in the Purans to discuss both the common ground for all and the occupational or personal interest groups. Although the thematic groups are not yet very popular, discussions remain in sight, are not lost in the mail and collect stakeholders. And some competitions and polls have become very popular.

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