Staff Motivation Issues

The organizational culture (colletic thinking) in its entirety prejudges the behaviour of all members of the collective of any size. The sound organizational culture of the leading western and Asian companies makes staff behaviour rational in all respects.

Each of Russia ' s wide-ranging labour incentive systems (gain (greed), KPI, unitary system ...) solves very limited problems, while labour relations are much broader and multifaceted. With regard to fashion today in Russia, KPI, the American Consulting Company Boston Consulting Group states: " Management of key performance indicators (KPI) for Russia is relatively new. Most companies have introduced it, but it works badly.♪ Why is this happening?

The fact is that labour relations do not contain one, but a few, incentive groups that influence the behaviour of each employee and all staff. The problem of motivation should be addressed for each group of these factors. This task is subject only to a sound organizational culture. And all the pay and stimulus systems that are widely used in Russia cannot yield results because they are overly limited and take into account not more than one group of factors.

In fact, the joint system is addressing the narrow task of encouraging the worker only to develop. Salary Payroll system There is no reasoning at all. Today, the KPI covers only one group of factors - the promotion of staff on performance indicators. It is obvious that this is a " seabed " to address the most complex, multi-factor problem of human governance and all of the collective.

Minimum (Restrictive Factor Law) The effectiveness of any system is always limited to the lowest (lowest) factor. This applies to any systems, including motivational systems. Therefore, if at least one of the stimulus groups remains unsolved, the effectiveness of the whole motivation system is zero. In the above case, none of Russia ' s pay and incentive schemes today take into account a number of groups of factors. That is why these BESPOLEZN systems do not and cannot produce the necessary results.

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