Staff Adaptation

руководство по адаптации сотрудника

Staff Adaptation Manual: form and content

In times of rapid structural change, time is often much more valuable than money. At the same time, new staff are expected to be included in the work process almost at a time... But is that possible? Eureka! To help newcomers get into work, to adopt a corporate culture can, at first glance, be used as a manual on adaptation.

For a lot of people, the Virgin Group is associated with, above all, the London sound recording studio. But the group 's business interests are also represented in the areas of air transport, cellular communications, cable television and radio broadcasting. Now, its owner, Sir Richard Branson (Richard Branson), is placing its new business on the market, Virgin Galactic, which will specialize in eco-class cosmic tourism. It was simply not possible to allow the Division of Arts and Diversity to do so. staff remained a dull place filled with bored office folders and steaming mountains of paper. The word “codre” has always been gray, but it's not our color. The HR unit must be bright, creative! How else do you keep the company's brand in front of the staff?

For the organization, the most reliable way to transform is to change their people. And if the Echara can creatize the use of the corporate communications budget, this investment will be very soon to yield results: the company will save the funds for the recounting, quickly make the necessary changes and retain its key staff, and most importantly, will grow the hosts and the avocats of its brand.

By the way, at a time when no designer was on the planet, the brand was called the brand that farmers put on the animal skin to distinguish their own. That word now makes a very different sense, but there is something left of the original, only now we are linked to the term “high” brand: a sense of commonity.

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