Bank Staff Adaptation

The article analyses activities aimed at improving staff development management in the commercial bank and determines their effectiveness.

Keywords: staff development, motivation, staff adaptation, employee satisfaction.

The practice of staff management in today 's world recognizes the increasing role of the worker, the need to understand his motivation, to shape them and to guide them in accordance with the challenges facing the organization.

One of the areas of staff management of any organization is its development. It is generally understood as defining the organization ' s training needs, evaluating the process and results of the training [1, c.449]. However, this is only one approach to defining the content of this function. Despite the existence of a considerable body of research and development related to staff development issues, it is unlikely that problems have been resolved and unanimously accepted by researchers [2, c. 693]. To date, each organization itself is developing elements of the staff development system, as understood by its managers and staff specialists. The issue of staff development is therefore relevant for each organization, irrespective of the scope of activity [3, c.362].

Indeed, staff development is the result of increased productivity, reduced turnover, improved moral and psychological climate. It is no coincidence that today more than 85 per cent of the Japanese managers interviewed, among the tasks that they have to deal with, are ranked first. Large western firms are investing increasingly in staff development, as the external labour market and the education system have failed to adapt to rapid changes in their individual needs. These funds are not considered as additive costs, but as investments that generate significant future profits [4, c.154].

The article deals with the management of staff development at the AKBARS Commercial Bank (open equity society), which is a socially responsible, sustainable and developing financial institution, is part of the 20 largest financial institutions of Russia.

From 2012 to 2015, a project was introduced in the Bank, resulting in a phased reform of the operating model aimed at achieving the Bank 's best business volumes while reducing costs.

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