Kpi And Staff Motivation

Управление по целямMBO (Management by Objectives) is an organized and systematic approach that enables management to focus on objectives. It's also called Management System results by purpose. This approach has made significant progress in business.

The purpose is to foresee the result of the work of the unit or of the entire organization. There is a difference in the permanent and temporary goals of staff members. The constant answer is what can be improved in business processes. Temporary goals are aimed at finding ways to achieve permanent goals.

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However, computing a clear CPE target is a difficult task. The active development of the business that has taken place in recent years has given impetus to the extension and development of this new approach to the management of the company. Each manager has an interest in knowing what results the company will have chosen. This has stimulated the emergence of numerous publications, videos and other information materials dedicated to the ITU objectives.

Питер ДрукерHowever, the concept of management is not so new for purposes. She showed up in 1954, in The Practice of Management, sponsored by Peter Drucker. The author describes the basic principles and approaches to setting and recommending the monitoring of objectives.

Target or mission management?

The term Management by Objectives may be translated into Russian as " task management " or " target management " . This feature makes it difficult to understand the principles of this approach among many managers. Peter Drucker describes the management principles of the outcome on the basis of objectives. It is clear, however, that it is almost impossible to achieve goals without any task.

In other words, it is only possible to achieve the result (objectives with maximum CPE) by successfully implementing all means (tasks). Each staff member is expected to face challenges and targets that need to be regularly monitored.

However, the target is outside the area of influence. It can carry out its tasks, which should lead to any outcome. However, even if all tasks were to be accomplished, the attainment of the Goals could not be guaranteed 100 per cent.

Peter Drucker also cautions managers from falling into the time trap. This is a situation where daily routines and daily actions place the challenges that lead to the achievement of management objectives.

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