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Процесс поиска персонала зачастую состоит из трех этапов:

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In order to formalize the recruitment process for new employees in the company and to address the reason for misunderstandings between the HR Department and line managers of new staff, care should be taken to establish a staff selection clause. What items should be included in the new regulations are read in our article.

From this article you will find out:

  • What are the tasks of staff selection;
  • Staff selection stages: who and how to interact;
  • How to regulate search sources in the staff selection provision,
  • How to simplify the work of recruiters by means of a staff selection clause;
  • What important points should be included in the staff selection provision.

Challenges Provision for selection Personnel

Положение о подборе персонала: зачем оно нужно и как его составитьThe staff selection rules (or in other words, the staff selection regulations) should:

  • Consistent with existing business processes and company corporate principles;
  • Establish staff selection rules;
  • Determine the degree of involvement in the selection process of other entities other than the Personnel Division.

The staff selection provision helps to address the cause of allegations of slowness, which are often addressed to HR Department by management. The regulations allow for the formalization of requirements for the selection and removal of tensions between the company ' s management and the personnel division.

The staff selection rules are a local regulatory document of the company, which requires all employees, including managers, to apply for new recruits. The reason for misunderstandings between line managers and HR managers should be clarified and addressed through regulations, with the degree of responsibility for each post.

As the staff selection provision governs the recruitment phases in practice

  • Development plans (increase of output, increased sales, etc.);
  • Determining the approximate number of employees required;
  • Requirement to the recruiters.

There are often instances where line managers cannot sufficiently articulate their staff needs and provide inaccurate data. For this reason, the definition of staff needs should be made by HR staff members in conjunction with line managers.

Положение о подборе персонала: зачем оно нужно и как его составить Положение о подборе персонала: зачем оно нужно и как его составить

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