Role Of Motivation In Staff Management

Organizational structure of the staff management system

The organizational structure of the staff management system is a combination of interlinked units of the system and officials.

Units perform different functions, together Personnel Management Service (staffing). The role and location of the staff management service throughout the organization is determined by the role and location of each specialized unit of the service, as well as the organizational status of its direct supervisor.

The level of authority of the staff management service depends not only on its managerial authority but also on the level of expertise of staff members, the usefulness of the service in terms of its positive impact on the work process. The following pattern is therefore observed in global practice: the staff management services are beginning to operate as headquarters with exclusive accounting functions, and then, as its staff capacity evolves and its increasing positive impact on the production process, staff services are given managerial authority and become directly involved in the management of the organization.

In modern staff management practices, there are several options for the role and location of staff management in the management structure of the organization, which depend on the level of development and organizational characteristics. Let's see these options.

The first version of the staffing structure is that the Personnel Management Service is subordinate to the Chief of Administration. The main idea of this option is to focus all central coordinating services in one functional subsystem. This option is schematically presented in figure 3.

Rhys. 3. Functioning of the PS in organizational structure: reporting to the Chief of Administration

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