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1C: Salaries and Personnel Management 8

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1C: Salaries and Personnel Management 8 (sufficient for 1 computer, additional licences are required for use on more than 1 computer under the LAF)

"1C: Salaries and Staff Management 8" is a mass-use programme for the integrated automation of payroll and the implementation of personnel policies of enterprises and organizations. It has been successfully implemented in human resources and accounting services, as well as in other units with the task of managing staff efficiently.

Main functions:

"1C: Salaries and Staff Management 8" automates the following tasks:

  • Payroll;
  • Management of financial motivation of staff;
  • Computation of statutory taxes and contributions from the pay fund;
  • Reflecting paid wages and taxes at the cost of the enterprise;
  • Management of staff payroll, including deposits;
  • Personnel accounting and analysis;
  • Automation of human resources records;
  • Staff planning;
  • Provide business with personnel;
  • Competence management, training, employee certification;
  • Effective workforce planning.

The programme allows the inclusion of several legal entities in a single information base. Two types of accounts are maintained at the 1C: Salaries and Staff Management 8 in parallel:

  • Management Services
  • regulated.

Management records are maintained for the enterprise as a whole and regulated records are maintained separately for each organization.

Management records

Office of Competences and Staff Assessments, management of employees ' financial motivation and payroll, maintenance of enterprise workforce records and selection.

Personnel plan

The human resources plan is a tool for staff planning, allowing for the following plans:

  • Organizational and staff (number of employees by office and post).
  • Continuing plan for organizational and staff changes.
  • Employees paid.

Financial management staff motivation

In order to manage the motivation of managers and employees, the pay scheme includes income dependence on work results.

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