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Копинг стратегии при конфликте. Тест-опросник импунитивного поведения в конфликтных ситуациях, пройти: инструкция, тестовый материал, ключ, интерпретация, обработкаThere are two main types of conflict resolution internally, adaptive and palliative.

Adaptive behaviour is aimed at an active change in conflict relations and a real solution to the conflict situation. These include, for example, transient behaviours such as information search, step-by-step decision, rethinking, seeking assistance, etc.

Palliative behaviour means internal psychological adjustment to conflict to reduce neurotic, emotional and other costs through behaviour such as open expression, default, substitution (subsidiarity), fantasy, humor, deterrence, suspension (see further). The use of such behaviour is most desirable in unresolved conflicts (e.g. death of loved ones).

In addressing the conflict and the complex situation, it is possible to combine both the above-mentioned types of overtaking behaviour.

Impunity conduct interviewer in conflict situations. (Coping strategies in conflict):

Test Instruction

Diagnostics of cohesive behaviour are based on three options for situations involving long-term or severe conflicts:

Losses (death, separation, fighting, loss of work, health, life values, etc.);

Threat (for the values listed above or otherwise);

New opportunities (new knowledge, relocation to another house or town, new employment, responsible business, personal success, etc.).

Remember, in one situation, the loss, threat and opening of a new opportunity over the past year (if you choose a longer situation, they must be remembered well). Choose from the list of phrases that correspond to your thoughts, feelings and actions in these situations, and write the numbers of phrases for three situations (no situation to be described).

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