Staff Motivation Indicators

Показатели оценки персонала

Articles on the topic

The evaluation of company personnel is necessary for the effective selection and deployment of personnel, the monitoring of staff productivity, the identification of effective and inefficient staff and, ultimately, the improvement of the company ' s performance and the reduction of its costs. For a qualitative assessment, it is necessary to establish the criteria for which it will be conducted, the staff assessment indicators.

From this article, you will find out:

  • What indicators and methods exist for staff business evaluation;
  • What key and additional indicators of staff assessment should be used;
  • How staff assessment indicators are monitored.

Business evaluation indicators are criteria that show how professional and personal competencies, as well as the performance of a particular employee, meet the company ' s professional standards. Under these arrangements, various administrative decisions are taken against the staff member, namely, the passing or non-existence of the probationary period, the raising of wages, the reassignment of a non-retirement post or the dismissal.

Staff performance and business evaluation methods

Business evaluation of staff is used in the selection of candidates for vacant positions of managers and specialists, as well as in the certification of staff already employed in the company (usually performed every year). It helps to identify the staff member ' s professional capacity and decide on the compatibility of the post and salary, as well as to identify the employee ' s achievements and errors and decide on the continued employment of the staff member.

Business evaluation of staff is carried out in three areas. Estimated:

  • Personal qualities of the worker;
  • Labour results of the worker;
  • The work of the worker itself (his professional conduct and competence).

Techniques and indicators for business evaluation of staff in different companies may differ. Today, there are many assessment technologies - surveying, testing, evaluation of key performance indicators (KPI), 360 degree evaluation, interviews and others.

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