Staff Motivation Specialist

профессия менеджер по персоналуThe Staff Manager (as well as a travel manager or a staff member) is engaged in the selection of staff in accordance with the requirements put forward by the contracting authority to each of the required specialists.

HR management is classified as middle-level or senior-level managers (mostly referred to as the Director of Staff). Much of his work depends on the success of the entire company, because it is who chooses people who must lead the company to prosperity.

A staff manager ' s profession implies that a specialist has not only knowledge of labour laws and psychology but also a well-developed intuition (the minds of " learning people " ).

Places of work

The post of Staff Manager is requested in human resources agencies, professional development organizations and staff divisions of large companies and enterprises.

Staff management responsibilities

Principal staff manager duties:

  • Building company personnel policy.
  • Staff selection in accordance with personnel policy.
  • Development and implementation of a staff training system (training, seminars).
  • Adapting new staff.
  • Elaboration of a motivation system staff.

Sometimes the functions of the staff manager may include:

  • Establishment and processing of labour contracts.
  • Maintenance of human resources records.

обязанности менеджера по персоналуStaff manager requirements

Principal requirements for the staff manager:

  • Higher education.
  • Knowledge of labour laws.
  • Knowing the foundations of psychology and sociology.
  • Experience in developing staff learning and motivation systems.
  • Knowledge of staff assessment methods.
  • Brilliant speech, communication.

Additional staff manager skills:

  • Knowing the PC.
  • Staff documentation skills.
  • English (in international companies).
  • Organizing.

How to become a staff manager

In order to train the staff manager ' s skill, it is necessary to complete any PPE in the area of staff management. To date, these knowledge is provided by higher education institutions, both humanitarian and economic. Teachers, psychologists and sociologists may also have the necessary skills to manage staff.

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