Staff Motivation Queries

The study was conducted by a group of companies HeadHunter in conjunction with the Health Office in autumn 2009. 3,888 persons from all over Russia participated in the survey.

It's no secret that one of the most important elements of staff motivation is the comfort and convenience of office space. Surveys conducted by HeadHunter and the Health Office showed that more than 90 per cent of the respondents indicated a direct link between the job ease and the quality and efficiency of their work. At the same time, 47 per cent of respondents noted that in comfort, self-reliance was improving and the quality of work was performed. 44 per cent of the staff in a comfortable position improves the mood and allows for better concentration and performance. 35 per cent of the respondents indicated that the comfort conditions indicated the concern of the superiors. And only 2 per cent of respondents do not believe in the value of the comfortful workplace and believe that other aspects of corporate life are much more important.

An analysis of the collected materials showed that, by the level of impact on the working capacity, the working chair ' s convenience is 4th place after the following factors: health, air venting and temperature in the office. Interesting fact: 33 per cent of the respondents expressed appreciation for the importance of the seat ' s health convenience as " having a strong impact " . However, the same respondents noted that this factor only partially affects work capacity. Thus, it was found that the overall impact of this aspect was much higher than other factors, such as weather, office air ventilation, office aesthetic characteristics and furniture colour.

What does a staff member need for a more comfortable working process?

Most (8, 24) were that a more comfortable organization of office space was the necessary way to organize a comfortable working process. In addition, factors such as the installation of good air-conditioners and air-purveyers, as well as improved lighting, were considered to be important conditions for creating comfort in the workplace. The organization of free lunches at the office, the addition of tea, coffee and sleep.

The older the respondents, the more important the comfortable office space is for them. Staff between 41 and 50 years of age attach greater importance to the organization of comfort in the office than their younger colleagues.

The most appropriate office space for staff in the following divisions: administration, marketing/relam/pr, staff management, accounting/finance. The IT workers and the manufacturing division are much less important to this factor.

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