Staff Motivation System Issues

I'm sorry. You're not going to be happy.

Fina Ranev

I guess there's not a single leader who wouldn't beat himself up on that subject. Like your services and hundreds of methodologies and templates, and successful solutions, and motivation consultants. However, logical concepts multiplied by the unpredictability of the human world often result in a result that is far from the expected.

You give the employees a quarterly bonus from selling, start to sell discounts by the end of the quarter. You stay on interest on the profits, you get disturbed that profit depends not only on them, and... it works worse. You link motivation to the number of calls, meetings filled with lines in the 1C, they do a lot and they don't earn much, and some start simulating drills. ♪ ♪

What are the reasons for such failures? It's clear when we ask the manager for advice. inducement system♪ And we hear the answers that say he misunderstood her very essence:

To work. Such a head of staff worked very hard, but the results were difficult.

To be motivated. Do you know what your employees are motivated by? Are you sure? Then why do you need consultants? The thing is, most of all, we don't know exactly what the motivation of our staff is, we don't find out, but it's just supposed to be in our own way and like.

"To prevent me from being deceived or to control staff." Why would they lie to you? If your employees have a reason for this, it makes sense to work with these reasons... I don't think a new system of calculations will prevent staff from fooling you if they've started, but it's more likely to add a challenge.

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