Staff Motivation System Short

  • What's internal motivation and what's foreign motivation?
  • What are the differences and similarities?
  • In what cases does the supervisor use external or internal motivation?

внешняя и внутренняя мотивация A motivated staff member works more efficiently. But motivation of motivation is different: someone is attracted by a large salary or bonus, someone doesn't eat in a given case, and for many, it's not monetary signs, but recognition of leadership and colleagues. It's hard to deal with human motives, but we're going to have a clear and understandable classification. It will make it more understandable how to influence and motivate an employee.

Types of motivation: internal and external

Human resources and management have successfully used the method of splitting motivations into internal and external. Accordingly, there is a difference between internal and external motivation that governs human activity.

Internal motivation They call a set of motives and aspirations created by the individual. In the case of work: an internally motivated staff member has the pleasure of performing the task before him in order to obtain a result or to enjoy a solution.

Externally, there are factors that affect an outside staff member: bonuses and wages, promotion of leadership and desire not to obtain a reprimand.

Correct choice of staff member ' s motivation

It is important for the manager and the staff member to find out in time what motive the staff member or applicant is driving for a vacant place in the company. A sincerely loving worker will not take the increase in wages - even well justified in leadership - as an incentive to work more and better. At the same time, an increasingly challenging task for the staff member will be a challenge that will be accepted.

On the contrary, a person who is motivated by external motivation (e.g. income increase) will work the greater and the better the wage. Faithful to the recognition of others will not allow a " disrespect board " to escape fines or penalties, and will also work, albeit at risk, to a better place. However, the complexity of the working process cannot be stimulated.

How to apply in practice

It is clear that the choice of a staff member ' s motivation system depends not only on whether it is internal or external.

There are other factors, such as:

- Officer (leaders - one motivation and drivers or salesmen - other)

In addition, by setting up a motivational system, at least briefly, it should be seen basic theories of motivation (on all the motivational theories in our special section)

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