Staff Motivation Assessment

Effective management is primarily the ability of the manager to maximize the energy and intellectual potential of his staff. This will not be achieved without understanding the driving forces that determine the behaviour and work of the individual in the organization. High progress in governance requires, among other things, good knowledge of human psychology. In words, leaders easily recognize this truth, but in reality, they still use psychological knowledge in microscopic small circles.

Just think about the figures that Dean Speedzer made in his book, Operation Modification:

50 per cent of workers spend exactly as much effort as they need to avoid losing their jobs;

Eighty per cent of workers may, if they wish, achieve much higher performance.

These figures relate to employees of Western companies. But there's no need to be a guru from management to guess or predict that the situation in Russian companies is unlikely to be the best. By the way, the figure is 80 per cent for the number of employees who can achieve much better results, and most Russian leaders at different levels.

Call attention to the words " if they want " . What do you have to do to make your people want to invest more strength and soul in the business they do? Indeed, companies whose staff are well and efficiently employed are generally successful, developing positions in their market segments. We're offering you some. ways to increase motivation and to improve the quality of work of staff who have been well established in practice:

1. Accept that subordinates may be motivated by something not directly related to their work. Dynamic staff with significant growth potential tend to be interested in different interests, have their hobbys that are not relevant to their work. However, the manager often does not know that he is interested in his subordinate outside the office space and is very surprised, once he has learned from other staff that his subordinate, like a subtle, has a sports title or a photographer talent.

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