Staff Motivation Analysis

KDC 331.1

Zaytsev Alexander Sergeyevna
National Research University, Higher School of Economics

A unique concept of strategic staff management in a coffee network is known around the world, and this article addresses basic principles and principles Methods of staff motivation I'm in this gigantic company. This scientific work examines the methods used to motivate staff on a well-known coffee network and also describes the most effective of them that could be successful in other companies. The study of various statistical and scientific data identified the most effective elements of the concept, which are detailed in the text.

Keywords: motivation, strategic management, personnel management, human resources management, effective management

Zaytseva Alexandra Sergeevna
National Research University " Higher School of Economics "

The unique concept of strategic management in Starbucks company is known throughout the world and in this article the are shown the basic principles and methods of motivating employees in this company giant. This research work examines the application of methods of motivation, which can be effective in another companies. By examining various statistical and scientific data there were revealed the most effective elements of the concept, which are explained in this text.

Bibliographical reference to article:
Zaysev A.S. Analysis of the motivating function in a well-known coffee network / economics and management of innovative technologies. 2014. No. 3 [Electronic Resource]. URL: (date of application:).

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