Stimulation And Motivation Of Staff As Management

The essence, object and content of management

Mendjment is the management of socio-economic organizations in a market economy whose objectives are generally economic.

Management is an area of knowledge and skills aimed at building and achieving the organizational goals through the management of available resources. Initially, management began to evolve as a production management theory, and then transformed into a management theory of people ' s behaviour.

The concepts of governance, management and governance should be distinguished.

Management - setting the organization ' s objectives and management.

The main purpose of management is to ensure harmony in the development of the organization, i.e., the coordinated and effective functioning of all external and internal elements of the organization.

The objective of harmonization vis-à-vis the organization is internal (endogeneous) and external (exogenous) aspects.

Two groups of factors influence the management:

  • the development of the organization;
  • Specific national factors for economic development.

Management is the most general and fundamental concepts reflecting existing properties and sustainable relationships in the management of the organization.

Major categories of management:

  • Facilities and management entities;
  • Management functions;
  • Management;
  • Management techniques;
  • Management principles.

The content, forms and methods of management depend on the hierarchical level of its implementation in the organization. In general, three hierarchical levels of management can be distinguished from the enterprise: the highest, medium and grass-roots.

Management agents, managers at different levels, who hold permanent positions in the organization and have decision-making authority in certain areas of the organization ' s activities.

Management is subject to:
  • heads of the organization;
  • The heads of the building and centres have arrived;
  • organizers of certain types of work (administrators).

Management types are special management areas related to certain management tasks.

General and functional management (Figure 1.1).

The general or general management is the management of the organization ' s activities as a whole or its separate business units (the centres of profit).

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