Calculation Of Efficiency Against Motivation Of Cafe Staff


The purpose of the project is to establish a food delivery service from café and restaurants; the region is Rostov na Donu. Trade mark - " Delaware-Ka " . The need for such services is due to the fact that people often want to eat deliciously, but they do not want or cannot go to a restaurant. In addition, the service can be demanded in organizing various corporate-type activities, less family-friendly. There is little competition in the market for this type of service.

The main performance indicators for the project are presented in the Table. 1.

Table 1. Integrated performance indicators

Discount rate (r), %


Discount rate (r-mes), %

1, 531%

Time of pay (PP), mes.


Discounted Payback (DPP), Mess.


Net present value (NPV), rub.

4 433 368

Investment performance (ARR), %

10, 30%

Internal rate of return (IRR), %

6.78 per cent

Income index (PI)

2, 70

An analysis of the industry and region shows that there is considerable interest in such services from potential clients. The location of the Rostov-na-Donu plant provides a target audience of several hundred thousand people. However, because the market for food is still weak (primarily competitors), efforts are required to promote this type of service.

Overall, the risk project can be described as medium. As much as an investor's interest is as tall.


This kind of new services for Russia. There is little competition in the market. With a fairly large number of public schools, their popularity and the official population of the city within 1 million, a high level of demand for the project can be predicted.

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