Internal Motivation Of Staff

Internal motivation of staff: why is that important?

What do you need to get staff to work? High pay? A comfortable office? Nice team? It must be much more important for a staff member to have internal motivation to do a common business. How to understand the existence of such internal motivation in hiring and how not to " kill " her already in the workplace is our article today.

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Why? Internal motivation of staff more important than ongoing monitoring

тайный покупательInternal motivation is a powerful engine for your staff to succeedand, accordingly, your business. If a person is well motivated, he understands why he works here and why he needs to do his best at work. Internal motivation is particularly strong for young staff, with many enthusiasm and desire to show themselves. Because young professionals often work even for lower wages. Young professionals often need less control than more experienced. Surveillance can only be required to verify the correctness of the work, but it is not usually necessary to ensure that staff perform the tasks assigned.

However, in their case, motivation may disappear. Why is that happening? The fact is that the process of extinction of internal motivation usually remains unnoticed for the company ' s managers until the process is disrupted or the staff member is simply dismissed. Inconsistency in wages with real successes and responsibilities is sometimes a cause of demotivation. But it's a so-called hygiene. The real reasons can be much bigger. It must be understood that every person in the company, from the top manager to the simple sellers and cleaners, seeks not only financial welfare but also respect. We will further consider the main reasons for the disappearance of internal motivation.

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