Theory Of Motivation

Теория мотивации МакклелландаThe theory of motivation of David McCelland, an American psychologist, a professor and developer of the latest evaluation methodology for the thematic oppressive test, is a very large number of different theories of motivation. Next we'll look at McCelland's needs theory in detail.

Needs Theory

David McCleland shared all the needs for three large groups. These include the need for power, the need for success and the need for ownership.

Power requirements

The need for power is the highest priority. They are educating the human person and his life experience, and they are that the human person has a tendency to control other people ' s actions as a way to have a significant impact on them. People with a predominant need for power are in turn divided into two types.

The first type is people who seek power for their own control. They are attracted by the ability to command and influence other people. The interests of society or organizations are of secondary importance to them.

The second type consists of people who seek power in order to achieve collective social tasks or organizational tasks. As soon as these people seek the appropriate authority, they pose certain tasks to the group and are already engaged with them in the process of achieving any group goals. At the same time, they are looking for the best way to motivate people to achieve them. The need for power for this category of people is not a desire for self-approval to meet vanity, but a desire to do responsible work in the management of others aimed at public or organizational tasks.

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