Material Motivation

Подсчёт денег сотрудникомMaterial motivation is an obvious and most effective way of promoting and promoting quality work by staff members. The reasons for increasing workers ' material interest may vary widely, but tend to increase productivity and ultimately profit.

Factors and types

The need for material motivation of staff may be due to various factors. In particular, the company often has a high turnover. In this case, there is a need to develop not only a strategy to increase staff ' s material interest, but also to monitor the labour market and analyse similar positions in other companies. Also contributing to the need for implementation staff motivation There is no interest in improving the quality of the organization of its own labour process and in professional growth.

The modification may be both direct and indirect.♪ In the first case, methods such as additional cash payments, salary increases are also encouraged by the personal achievements of the employee, which are marked by a bonus and other cash rewards and other means, emphasizing the importance and impact of the performance of the staff company. Indirect motivation includes a set of social support by its employees ' company, this may not only be a compulsory social package, including hospital fees, leaves, pension insurance, but also additional health insurance, sanatorium and corn, support for young families.

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