Basic Theory Of Staff Motivation

This is the psychological theory of motivation created in the late 1950s by American Frederick Hertzberg.

F. Herzberg has studied many factors that influence staff motivation. As a result, it has broken all factors into two categories.

Theory of German motivation: short

(1) Hygiene factors are factors that keep work. These are factors that encourage you to go to this job and not find another one.

(2) Factors - Factors directly motivating results

Hygiene factors for the Herzberg are:

  • wages
  • working conditions (comfortful workplace, office near subway, etc.)
  • Interpersonal relations with colleagues, supervisor, subordinates
  • Active performance monitoring rate
  • company administrative policy
  • impact of work on privacy

As Herzberg has learned, all these factors only retain staff at work but are not motivational.

The German motives are:

  • outcome, success
  • recognition and approval of results (by management or other staff)
  • interesting tasks
  • responsibilities (for these interesting tasks)
  • career progression
  • Professional growth

теория мотивации герцберга

The essence theory of motivation Frederick Herzberg:

The basic provisions of the German theory can be summarized as follows:

From the perspective of the Herzberg, hygienic factors do not motivate staff to improve performance, to break the work. Hygiene factors only influence the staff member ' s ability to work. If the staff member is unsatisfactory with hygienic factors, he does not want to get up and go to work in the morning. If you're satisfied, it's going smoothly and working. But it's not his motivation to work better.

In other words, the existence of positive hygienic factors influences staff members not seeking other jobs but continue to work in the company.

Theory of German motivation in practice

The motives are the German theory, just the opposite. The absence of these factors is not unsatisfactory, but their presence is motivating and compelling staff to achieve better results.

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