Performance Evaluation Of Staff Motivation

Показатели эффективности персонала

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Each enterprise seeks to increase profit, expand and confirm its status. It is important to approach the selection of performance indicators in order to understand how to build an enterprise development strategy.

From the material, you will find out:

  • How to select performance indicators for staff;
  • What are the requirements for performance indicators;
  • How to calculate performance indicators for staff.

If the evaluation tool used to deal with the work of the top managers, it is now used to assess the effectiveness of managers, producers and brackets. It was important to correctly select the performance indicators for the posts concerned and to calculate the performance of staff members.

How to select performance indicators

Staff efficiency or staff management is an important indicator of the success of HR services. In establishing staff loyalty programmes to assess the risks of enterprises in human resources, programmes to calculate performance indicators should be included. Thus, the performance reports will be a clear description of the results of a business process rather than just abstraction.

Provide the following key performance indicators:

  • Programme and development costs of the staff management service transferred to the number of staff members;
  • Assessing the impact of the programme on the successful performance of one staff member and enterprise as a whole, which compares the number of years (working rate per employee, sales, product quality and advertising percentages, etc.).
  • Additional management performance indicators are out-of-plane disruptions, staff turnover.

Performance standards

A modern staff management approach is a focus on staff motivation. This should be a transparent labour evaluation formula understood by the staff member and his supervisor. Performance indicators are based on indicators such as the volume, quality and timing of work.

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