Identification Of Staff Motivation

Initial identification of the motivation of staff members is done at the interview. This phase is one of the most important in the selection of staff. The motivational evaluation enables the employer to select among the co-investors those whose objectives are the responsibility of the company ' s mission. People who are interested solely in their own profits are settled at the interview stage.

The interview is the first stage where the staff member ' s motivation is identified. The questions asked by the employer are aimed at clarifying the employee ' s values. In the future, this makes it possible to motivate a staff member by using factors that mean a lot to him. When interviewing, the employer may also ask the accomplice to describe the perfect workplace.

The motivation of staff without identifying the basic needs of each staff member is not possible. Secondary motivation is done at the workplace when the staff member has joined the company. The modification may be material and intangible (monetary and non-monetary).

Materials include various awards, compensation, leave. Intangible motivation is a more multidimensional concept. The effectiveness of some staff could be praised and commended. The staff may also be motivated by the company ' s own successes. The atmosphere in the collective is also motivated by staff. The most common non-monetary motivation is the prospect of staff growth in the company.

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