How To Calculate Staff Motivation


KPI (Key Performance Indicators), or, sometimes not entirely correctly translated into Russian, CPE (Blue performance indicators) is an important component of the targeted management (objective management) system, which is considered to be Peter Drucker.

распределение премии с учетом КПЭ юристаTarget management using key indicators is generally accepted worldwide as a way to improve the performance and efficiency of business companies and organizations, as measuring key performance indicators for the company as a whole, as well as specific units and staff in particular, can provide a holistic picture of the achievement of the objectives and the implementation of the development strategy. It should be noted that KPI and motivation of staff Implications have become inseparable, as an analysis of the indicators can lead to an improved and effective system of motivation and incentives for company staff.

How do you count the law award? $US$

Отчет по анализу рабочего времениThus, it is difficult to overestimate the development of a modern methodology for the management of the company ' s legal service, the definition and counting of PPE by a lawyer, a head of service and a unit as a whole. In view of the fact that the most undeniable type of motivation of staff is material, the accounting of KPI provides an answer to the question of how to calculate the bonuses (bons) so that, in the staff member ' s award process, his colleagues and management have a full sense of transparency and fairness in the calculation of the award.

Special features of the KPI of a lawyer

There is a fairly common view that the work of the KPI lawyers is not applicable at all, as legal activities are sufficiently creative and not all results are well predicted. The truth ' s share of this position is, for example, with regard to the performance of a judicial lawyer, not always the outcome of the trial is objectively dependent on the lawyer himself (this is the nature of the dispute and the jurisprudence, and the position of the judge concerned, and the arrogance of the party in the dispute, etc.) However, in our view, certain rules for measuring KPI for a lawyer still exist.

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