Staff Dynamics Personnel Management Function

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  • About a third of the Baek-Ofice staff do not consider the crisis to be a cause for the employer ' s shortcomings
  • In considering potential employers ' proposals, poor feedback is being pushed by 74 per cent of applicants in areas such as logistics, personnel management, IT, administration, accounting and other records, legal escorts, etc. Positive feedback on the potential employer, interview behaviour and personal qualities of the manager determines the success of the employment
  • The opportunity to learn new is the main motivator after salary
  • 71 per cent of administrative staff, logistics, lawyers and other Baek-ofis professionals demotivate collective problems, such as peer conflicts, unfavourable team atmosphere and lack of corporate culture in the company.

46 per cent of the staff of the Baek-ofis of Russian and international companies are ready to process and assume additional responsibilities during the crisis.

However, about one third of the staff are not willing to sacrifice anything and are confident that other work will be found in the event of problems.Demotiv.jpg This is evidenced by a new study of the Hays International Requiring Company.


The study found that the best motivation was for job technicians other than material compensation. 61 per cent of respondents replied that they were important for learning and developing new skills, 57 per cent were important for interesting, diverse and meaningful work, and 48 per cent valued freedom of action.

Up to 63 percent want to work on their own without control. The second largest balance-of-living activity/lives was flexible (up to 45 per cent of respondents by area). Equally important is the desire of the Baek-ofis staff to work at the limit of their capabilities, even if they are processed, which was answered by about 25 per cent of the respondents.


The study identified the main motivation and demotivating factors in the Professional and employment categories. For 74 per cent of the respondents, the idea of changing the employer will primarily be low wages and no bonuses. The second and third seats in a number of demotivators have been taken by an unpleasant team and misconception by management.

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