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1C - escort 1c 8 - 1C: Salary and Personnel Management

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The most expensive resource of each organization is its staff. It is the sound management of staff that is the key to the company ' s high-efficiency and market prosperity. One of the most accessible and well-established instruments is the 1C: Salaries and Staff Management 8. The use of the 1C system: Salaries and personnel allow for the proper storage of vast amounts of information - personal data of staff members, staff reserve, performance appraisals and exercises, and many other valuable data, which are often also a commercial secret enterprise.

In 1C: Pay and management can not only be stored for long periods of time, but can also be used expeditiously to account for staff, payroll, various accounts, and to effectively allocate tasks and monitor performance.

The system is fully in line with the requirements of the Russian Federation legislation for the most efficient and safe management of human resources in commercial organizations. In doing so, the programmes fully comply with the requirements of Federal Act No. 152, Personal Data, which regulates the manner and means of storing and using personal data of employees. Thus, using programme 1c of the salary, the authorized person may, at any time, obtain full details of the developments relating to the work of each staff member ' s enterprise, concerning the recruitment, current and completed tasks, the courses that have been completed and the promotions, his personal data, calculations and payroll, etc.

Reporting setting parameters 1s salary It is very convenient and easy to operate, so that they can quickly obtain the necessary analyst for any category of users, such reports are often required for the Personnel and Personnel Management Division, for managers at different levels, and owners of the enterprise.

Sets 1C 8 Payment is presented in three variants, depending on the size and structure of the organization: the basic version is well suited to the management needs of small companies. ♪ ♪

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